Wednesday Wicks

Two sisters from Emerald, the hills of Victoria. We create hand poured soy wax candles that transport our customers to their own personal bliss.

Hi! We are Ri & Jac, two sisters from Emerald in the hills of Victoria.

Making candles started out as a hobby but quickly became a passion when we created over 100 candles for a wedding. They lit up the evening with a soft glow, creating an unrivaled ambiance and throwing a sweet scent into the air… Salted Caramel to be exact.

We created Wednesday Wicks so we could continue to make our hand-poured natural soy wax candles and help transport our customers to their own personal bliss.

Our goal is to bring our love for the power of scents and our passion for helping people find their bliss into our local community and beyond. 

Wherever it is you choose to light your wick, be it the living room, kitchen table, next to your bubble bath, your workplace or your backyard, we know that you will be instantly transported to your happy place.

Now go find your bliss. x 

Wednesday Wicks

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