Swede Little Things

Scandinavian styled leather, pewter and silver unisex jewellery handmade in Melbourne.

I create Scandinavian inspired jewellery and accessories for men and women. 
Mixing the softest reindeer leather with quality pewter/silver, antler buttons and magnetic clasps, I produce eye-catching unique handcrafts pieces here in Melbourne using a traditional Sámi leathercraft.

The intensity and range of the leather colours available is awesome. At the markets, as well as online, customers can be fitted and have designs custom made, hence the smallest wrist to the widest can be catered for. 

Reindeer skin is an ethically and ecologically friendly natural material and a natural product of the Arctic climate. It is bought from the Sami communities, who have been reindeer herders for century providing food, garments, jewellery and craft products. Hence the reindeer herding wears a long cultural tradition and Sami identity.

To introduce and share this type of traditional Sami leather craft in Australia, which is very unique, is fantastic.

Swede Little Things


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