Come and join the Craft Markets Australia family! We’re always looking for creatives, growers and makers to join one of our ten (and counting!) locations and add their unique flair to our mix.

Our markets provide stallholders with an opportunity to showcase their talents and get directly in front of their target customers, to meet and understand them and build a loyal following. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded creatives and develop lasting friendships in the maker, grower and producer community – just ask one of our many long-term stallholders!

We now run ten seasonal markets in locations throughout Victoria and we welcome applications from stallholders wanting to attend any of the markets listed on our website. We allocate July/August/September markets before considering pre-Christmas dates (October, November and December).

We try to ensure there is a variety of items on display at all times. We receive numerous applications for our markets, and to ensure the best experience for our customers it is necessary to limit the numbers of products available. Therefore, please understand that while you are always welcome to apply, we can only accept a limited number of certain products, such as jewellery, soy candles and some types of takeaway food.

Availability at our sites is limited; acceptance and non-acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of Craft Markets Australia Pty Ltd management and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting the approved product criteria, quality, product distribution, diversity (market mix) and availability.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!



For 44 years, our slogan has been “make it, bake it, grow it, breed it”.


This has ensured our markets are unique and at the top of their field as iconic regional attractions; we have a point of difference that keeps our customers coming back.

It has also guided our stallholders in their applications to sell at our markets. All products offered for sale at our markets must be made, baked, bred or grown by the applicant. Therefore, certain products will not be accepted beneath our marquees. This means that products that are clearly imported or made overseas, purchased from a wholesaler or are deemed inappropriate (for example, discriminatory or offensive) by management will not be considered. We also do not accept commercial, design only products that are not made by the applicant, or second-hand goods.

We can’t wait to see what you can make, bake, grow and create!