PowerHouse Cheese

PowerHouse Cheese is a family run business, comprising of an ever-developing array of blue and white soft mould French-style cheeses, sporting distinctive and delectable flavour profiles, an exercise in decadent delight.

Our cheese was featured on MasterChef Australia in 2020 after being located by talent scouts at local Farmer’s Markets. In 2021 our Blackburn Blue cheese was awarded a silver medal in both Victorian and Australia-wide competitions, by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA). We had a spot at the Agricultural Pavilion at the Royal Melbourne Show 2021, but the show has just been cancelled.
What started out as a decade-long cheese making hobby, developed into a full-time commercial business, using the registered trademark name PowerHouse Cheese.

We make 5 different cheeses:

  1. Whitehorse White - a Camembert style cheese, with a soft fluffy white mould exterior, with a semi-firm crumbly interior when young. As they age, their interior softens significantly bringing with it an intense mushroom aroma and earthy flavour profile. It is great with a Chardonnay.

  2. Ash Bree - as a decorative layer if ash on the outside, and a soft, crumbly white interior. The centre becomes increasingly soft, as the cheese ages, culminating in an intensely decadent buttery profile. Extra cream added to the recipe accentuates this further, turning each bite into a rich explosion of flavour, with a wonderful luxurious creamy lemon flavour. This cheese has a habit of disappearing the fastest. It pairs well with an aged Riesling.

  3. Rosella Red - a white mould cheese with barnyard and earthy tones, that get very pungent with age. It has red and white mould on the surface, and a creamy yellow interior. It is a firmer cheese and the strongest of our white mould cheeses, and rapidly becoming popular.

  4. Blackburn Blue - Showcases a dark green mould, with a distinctive orange hue hiding beneath the surface. It might look fierce, but it is just pretending. It is a semi-soft textured cheese with added cream which reduces the sharp intensity while broadening the flavour profile. A great cheese for those wanting a mid-strength blue. This flavoursome cheese was recently used on MasterCard 2020. The creamy, salty profile pairs brilliantly with a white or lighter style red wine.

  5. Bellbird Blue - has a firmer texture and a strong flavour when ripe. Comprised of a medium rind and delicate blue-green marbling, this cheese is the most crumbly, developing in flavour complexity over time. While very enjoyable as a young cheese, this blue has a fast growing fan base when it reaches maturity. The aged cheese becomes vibrant with a strong taste and softer texture. Enjoy this paired with a robust, spicy red wine.

So, please come visit us at the markets to try some of these cheeses or visit our website in the meantime to make an order online!

PowerHouse Cheese


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