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Your next day trip awaits! Wyndham Harbour here we come

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time for a day trip to a brand new market.

Ready to come with us? Jump in as we take you to the Wyndham Harbour Craft Market!

Located less than an hour’s drive out of Melbourne, Wyndham Harbour is a seaside gem, a marina overlooking Port Phillip Bay with spectacular views. And it is here that you’ll find our newest market.

We’ll be there from 9am-2pm on Sunday 29 October with a delectable range of food and crafts, set against a backdrop of swaying palms – you’ll feel like you’re in paradise!

The market isn’t the only attraction in the area; it’s another jewel in the crown that is Melbourne’s

west. Leave your cares behind as you journey out west for this fun family day out. Watch the

landscape change, with golden fields to one side and scenic mountains to the other. There’s plenty

to see and do on your way to the market, and more to fill your day afterwards.

Kids – and kids at heart – will love the nearby The Elements Activity Park. It’s located right on the

harbour, and offers a good time come rain, hail or shine. Featuring mini-golf, space for a picnic by the bay, and of course, a specialised coffee corner to help you refuel, this is a great place to relax before the drive home.

If the stunning views out over the harbour don’t scratch your itch for adventure, the Werribee Open Range Zoo is just a short drive from Wyndham Harbour and offers excitement for adults and kids

alike. And who doesn’t love animals?

Or perhaps a wander through the vines and a casual meal is more your style. In that case, Shadowfax Winery is also just around the corner, and for history buffs the historic Werribee Mansion is right next door. The roses in the mansion’s grounds are sure to be in full bloom, perfect for some selfies for the ‘gram. You can even stay the night at the mansion, which boasts luxurious spa facilities to add a touch of glamour to your weekend. Stay and relax a while – you’ve earned it!


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