Organic Bay Distillery

Organic Bay Distillery Gins are certified organic, flavour infused, crisp and lightly refreshing.

Organic Bay Distillery is a family owned and operated boutique distillery based in Bonbeach, Victoria.

It’s a partnership between two carpenters, Dean and Dave, who have been mates for more than 15 years, and together they share a passion for fine spirits.

They made a decision, to trade the tools and timber for botanicals and herbs, and create a small distillery specialising in organic certified gins.

Our vision is to produce small batches of high quality gins, conscientiously blended with botanicals known for their health benefits, and adding Australian natives and other classic herbs to naturally compliment these unique flavours.

All our gins are made using the traditional pot still method.

Being aware that so much of the food we eat and consume is over processed and treated with chemicals, we wanted to produce a product that not only tastes great, but is free of added chemicals and preservatives, using only organic sugar cane ethanol to preserve.

We currently have 3 flavour infused gins in our range.
Kakadu Plum & Grapefruit, Lime & Ginger and Raspberry & Aniseed.
They all come in a 750ml bottle, 25 std drinks, at 40% alc/vol.
We also sell gift packs that contain a 100ml bottle each of our gins.
Our Kakadu Plum & Grapefruit, and Raspberry & Aniseed gins were recently awarded bronze medals at the Australian Gin Awards 2021.

KAKADU PLUM & GRAPEFRUIT – Kakadu plum brings a sweet tartness that’s well balanced with notes of anjelica and burdock root, and a hint of passionflower, finishing with a refreshing grapefruit punch.

LIME & GINGER – Crisp and refreshing, this traditional juniper and coriander based gin features zesty lime up front. A sharp ginger spice flows through to finish creating a classic paring of flavours.

RASPBERRY & ANISEED – Aniseed, fennel, and sarsaparilla create warmth, while notes of anjelica root, coriander and juniper, add a subtle bitter layer to the taste. A sweet hint of raspberry perfectly creates a bespoke flavoured gin.


Organic Bay Distillery


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