The application process

  1. How do I apply?

The new stallholder application can be easily accessed by clicking the ‘book stall’ button in the top right corner of the screen. However we do advise before applying to take the time to read through out criteria as well as our rules and regulations.

This ensures that you understand our expectations of you as a CMA stallholder and what you should expect from us.

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions about the application process.


2.Do I have to apply each time?

No, once you have been to your first market you are now officially a CMA stallholder (yay!).From then on you can apply for all future market bookings via our ‘causal date request form’. Found under the ‘sell with us’ tab.


3. Who can become a CMA stallholder?

Any creative individual or group that feels they have a unique items/product to sell. Going back to our original ethos 44 years ago, if you make it, bake it or grow it; you fit our criteria and would be welcome at our markets.


4. I was accepted! So what next?

We will email you a booking form and invoice for the market/s that you will be attending. Once you receive this/these, please send back a signed copy of the booking form, and any payment due by the date specified.

The week before a market, we will email you a site letter, provided that market fees are paid and up to date. This email details all of the specific information you need to know for market day – it includes your site number, a map of the market ground, entry/exit information specific to that market location, and all important arrival and pack up times.  

At your first market, a CMA team member will visit you at your stall and carry out a meet and greet. At this time we will perform an audit of your stall and products, and inform you of how to book into future markets, how to you can submit requests for specific sites etc.


5. How do I cancel a market?

While it is unfortunate that you might have to cancel a market, we do understand that the unexpected can happen. Our cancellation policy is as follows, within 14 days before the market you will receive a full refund or you can choose to move that on to another market. Between 8 - 13 days there is a $30 cancellation fee. Within the week leading up to the market there is no refund available. So make sure when cancelling a market to notify us as soon as possible.


Your stall

1. I need power
  • If you need power, please let us know in you stallholder application. We do have power available on site at all our markets. However, this must be applied for by the stallholder before the market. Please do not expect access to power unless you have specifically asked for it.  

2. How do I pay?
  • We will email you a booking form and invoice for the market that you will be attending. Once you receive this, please send back a signed copy of the booking form, and any payment due by the date specified. Payment methods are detailed on the Casual Stallholder Information Sheet that accompanies your first booking form.


3.How can I be featured on CMA’s social media
  • Want some extra exposure to your market audience? Fantastic! Contact our media team and send in your very best photos. It always helps if you can tell us a little about yourself and your products. We love to share our talented stallholders with our audience!


4. Can I choose my site?
  • Due to the large number of stallholders and their various requirements such as access to power, water and the ground restrictions and limitations placed on us, you cannot choose your site and are not permitted to swap sites without permission by a CMA representative. You can, however, submit a preference to our bookings team which will be taken into consideration when siting. Please understand that we have hundreds of stallholders and we try to do our best for everyone but cannot always achieve this goal.


5. Do I need a marquee?
  • Our markets are primarily outdoors with some venues offering indoor sites.  Whilst the great outdoors creates a beautiful market ambience, it also means you can be subject to adverse weather conditions. CMA strongly advises that stallholders bring their own marquee. We do offer a rental + set up service for marquees on market day at the cost of $50. You can book a marquee by calling or emailing us the week before the market..


6. What can I sell at CMA markets?
  • For the past 44 years CMA has been proudly presenting handmade, home grown markets to a much appreciative public. If make, bake or create the product yourself then we are happy to have you join our CMA family. Please read our criteria on our ‘sell with us’ page for more information.


7. Do I need public liability?
  • While it can be helpful to have your own public liability, you do not need one to attend our markets. You will be covered under CMA’s public liability policy.


8. Do you have inside sites available?
  • Yes! However they can go quite quickly depending on the market. Make sure to request an inside site early. Markets that do not have inside sites available are The Mount Martha Briars Market, Daylesford Craft and Food Market, Point Nepean Portsea Market, Sir William Fry Market and Hanging Rock Market.


9. What if it’s raining?
  • It is extremely rare for CMA to cancel a market due to rain, however, if we deem the weather too dangerous to proceed or the grounds have been undermined, then we will cancel the event. In this instance we contact all stallholders and do our best to inform the public via our social media channels, the CMA website and direct contact.


Visitors / misc

1. Can I bring my pet?
  • Unfortunately no. All our beautiful pets are not permitted to enter the market area as stipulated in our contact with the grounds we hire for the event. 


2. How do I find a certain stallholder?
  • Can’t seem to remember the stallholders name or contact detail?. We are more than happy to track that stallholder down for you. Just call us on 5976 3266


3. How can I perform at the market?
  • If you are a musically inclined local talent or an entertainer looking for a crowd to perform in front of. Contact us today! marketinfo@craftmarkets.com.au


4. Where is the money for the parking going?
  • CMA works with many local charities, schools and community groups to help with our parking. With each market, donations are made to theses local groups. Ask our friendly parking team at our next market.


5. How often does the market run?
  • CMA proudly presents 10 markets at picturesque locations around Victoria. All operate at different times of the year. Please check out our calendar page to see all dates and times. 


6. Where can I get a brochure?
  • We have brochures at all of our markets as well as local visitor centres and other tourist destinations. Would you like one posted to you? Please provide us with your name and address and we will send one or more to you. Click here to contact us today


7. Is your market disability friendly?
  • Yes! We have disability parking and toilets available across all market sites.

8. If I have a complaint, who do I talk to?
  • It’s unfortunate to hear that your market experience has not been excellent.  If you do have any issues please contact us straight away, we will do our best to rectify the situation. Email  - office@craftmarkets.com.au