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Our team at Craft Markets Australia has been working closely with our relevant local councils to provide an Essential Services Food Only Market (outdoor supermarket) over the foreseeable future.  To keep in compliance with the current state-wide rules in place, we cannot currently offer any non-essential items at these markets.  Featuring roughly 50 packaged food, fresh produce, we're aiming to ensure you can still pick up your food while in a safe and controlled environment. Strict public health guidelines will be in place.

What is available?
Fresh Produce, pre-packaged food, alcohol, herbs/vegetable plants, dog food only.

Our first food market will be on Saturday 6th June at the Yarra Glen Racecourse running weekly from 8am to 1pm. We are also working hard to bring in more locations so please stay updated on our website & Facebook page. 

Here are the guidelines of these new markets, please ensure you read and spread the word as we continue to support local, Aussie, home grown small businesses and food and stay healthy:

1.      Buy and leave policy – Please ensure you buy what you require and leave immediately.  We will not have any tables and chairs available.

2.     Small layout - don't be alarmed at the market size! To ensure we stay within the current regulations and minimise risk of spreading disease, our markets will be a fraction of their usual size. The layout will be wide open and well spaced.

3.     Spread out stalls - Stalls placed with a 1.5m gap in between each other

4.     No temporary structures - we will have no shared infrastructure such as additional portable toilets, tables/ chairs .  We will however, have hand washing stations which we encourage you to use frequently.

5.     Closed buildings - Playgrounds and buildings will not be in use.  Please ensure you are constantly moving and if possible, do not arrive in large groups or with children. The use of on site playgrounds will not be encouraged, 

6.     Essential items only - Although jewellery, sculptures, art and craft are essential to us, they don't fall under the essentials category anywhere else! Please continue supporting these creators online. We are developing an online CMA Virtual Market Place where you can find your favourite stallholder in the future.

7.  Free self-guided parking.  There will be no parking fees or guided parking.  Please park at your own risk and be aware of others (aka use your head, don't block other patrons, leave ample spacing, be kind!)

8.  Stallholder hygiene - Stallholders will be asked to wear gloves when handling money/food and to keep up with regular hand washing and manage their queues.

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