Eros Aromas & Co

Welcome to Eros Aromas & Co.

We’re a newly Australian Registered business that make and sell Candles, Reed Diffusers, Car Diffusers & Room Sprays.

We try to keep things fun with themes, different packaging and candles & diffusers filled with crystals, flowers and spices to meet everyone’s needs (well wants😅)

Our Crystal Candles & Diffuser Range is growing by each week. With a different scent for each crystal to suit.

All Candles are are cleansed by Santo paleo before shipment & you will always receive a stick for yourself to cleanse when receiving your product.

Our Christmas Collection Candles have two sizes to choose from and are filled in a beautiful Candle Jar to give that extra Christmas feel.

Our Christmas Diffusers come in the same scents, and are poured in a beautiful classic bottle and come in three different colours to suit your decor.

We have a new range of soy coconut candles that will be released in the next week or two.

Also a Greek inspired collection coming into Christmas/New year, with some fun colours or scents to take you to the Greek islands.

We can make custom candles along as the supplies are there! Please Don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you and we hope you all enjoy our ranges as much as we enjoy making them!

With love,

Eros Aromas x

Eros Aromas & Co


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