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Dogs at CMA Markets

In order to be compliant with the venues, as well as cater for the community - we are opening up the markets for pet dogs where possible. Unfortunately, as some of our venues are within National Parks & Racecourses, there are still sites that have a Market Day No Dog Policy. Service dogs not included.

Dogs are not allowed at the following venues:

Hanging Rock

Lardner Park

Mornington Racecourse

Mount Martha The Briars

Point Nepean Portsea
Red Hill
Yarra Glen Racecourse

Dogs allowed on a 2m or shorter leash at the following venues:


Westfield Knox

Wyndham Harbour


Policy Statement


In our commitment to fostering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all participants, visitors, and vendors, we have instituted a "No Dogs Allowed" policy at our arts, crafts, and food markets. This policy is aimed at minimising potential safety risks, noise disruptions, and disturbances that may arise from the presence of dogs during these events.


Policy Details:


  1. Safety Concerns:
    The presence of dogs, regardless of their size or temperament, poses a safety risk to all attendees, especially small children who may inadvertently approach them. This policy prioritises the safety of our market participants by prohibiting the presence of dogs.

  2. Noise Disturbances:
    Dogs, when excited or agitated, can create disruptive noise, compromising the peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere of our markets. Barking and other vocalisations can be distracting and cause discomfort to both vendors and visitors.

  3. Potential for Dog Fights:
    The close proximity of multiple dogs in a crowded market environment increases the risk of aggressive behaviour and potential dog fights. Such incidents can result in injuries to dogs and pose a danger to other market attendees.

  4. Service Animals Exception:
    To accommodate individuals with disabilities, registered service animals are exempt from this policy. Service animals are welcomed at our markets, provided they display appropriate identification and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

  5. Dog Waste:
    To uphold a clean and hygienic environment, allowing dogs in the market area poses the risk of urination, defecation, or vomiting, which can compromise the overall cleanliness of the space. This policy is instituted to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of both visitors and stallholders, as the presence of dog waste can create unpleasant conditions and potential health hazards within the market premises. 

  6. Clearly Communicated Policy:
    Signs indicating the "No Dogs Allowed" policy will be prominently displayed at all entrances. This ensures that all visitors are aware of the policy.

Policy for ‘Dogs Allowed’ Sites


  • Dogs must be on a 2m or shorter leash. Retractable leashes are not permitted.
    Please ensure that leashes do not get tangled in the temporary structures and do not become a tripping hazard.


  • Not all dogs are appropriate for the market setting. Large crowds, accessible food, small children and other dogs can challenge your dog’s attention and behaviour. If your dog is not comfortable in public conditions, holds ANY reactive tendencies or is prone to barking, please ensure you leave them at home.

  • Everyone has a right to feel safe and comfortable. Please keep your dog from approaching strangers. There may be people with severe fears of animals or allergies. We ask that you be mindful of other people when bringing your dog onsite.

  • You are responsible for your dog’s business. Please prevent them from doing their business in the market area. If your dog does make a mess, you are responsible for cleaning it up.

    - If your dog’s business compromises the product or equipment of a stallholder, you are responsible for making financial reparations as the vendor deems appropriate.

    Please be prepared with pick-up bags; you are responsible for disposal. If bins are not available, please ensure you are taking the waste away with you.

  • Any violations of the above practices, or any instances, that compromise the
    safety of the market, will require you to remove your dog.
    Craft Markets Australia
    reserve the right to ask for you to take your dog offsite. Please courteously cooperate with Market Staff in addressing any concerns that arise from the presence of your dog.

Review and Updates:

Our organisation is dedicated to periodically reviewing and updating this policy to align with the safety and comfort of all participants and comply with relevant laws and regulations. This policy is implemented with the well-being and enjoyment of all market attendees in mind. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to explore and appreciate the arts, crafts, and culinary delights at our markets.

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