Bluebird Trading Co.

A Special Blend For You.

Welcome to Bluebird Trading Co! We’re a small business based on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

For us, tea isn’t just a drink – it’s an experience. Our delicious loose leaf tea blends support your mind, your body and soul.

Our founder Rebecca Burrows, created Bluebird Blends whilst on her own personal journey to wellness. “I was drinking way too many cups of coffee and became conscious of the effect it was having on my wellbeing. So I decided to look for a healthier alternative to drink. I wanted a delicious taste but more importantly a boost of goodness in every sip. The end result was – a special blend for you.”

Our loose leaf teas are formulated, blended and packaged in Australia. Our health and wellness blends are carefully crafted by a naturopath and we source the highest quality organic ingredients : pesticide free and preservative free.

We have 6 blends and have featured in VOGUE magazine.

• Breakfast Blend – our luxurious twist on English Breakfast Tea with vanilla and rose petals.
• Morning Blend – our delicious and refreshingly fruity green tea with mint and apple pieces.
• Afternoon Blend – our nourishing blend packed full of so much goodness.
• Evening Blend – our calming blend that’s best enjoyed after a busy day.
• Goodnight Blend – our sleepy time tea and the perfect addition to your night time routine.
• Winter Blend – our delicious blend of mint, lemon and heat to support your immune system especially during those colder months.

So sit down, take some time for yourself and enjoy some of our teas!

Bluebird Trading Co.

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