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  • White Rose Furniture
  • PO Box 728
  • Lakes Entrance Vic 3909
  • 5156 3293 or 0412563293


White Rose Furniture

White Rose Furniture was started by Richard Davis, and his wife Robyn, in 1989, attending their first Red Hill Market in December '89 and becoming full time stall holders in 1990.  With a maritime and farming background in Yorkshire, U.K, (hence the white rose branded emblem) and two years in the furniture manufacturing business in Australia - Richard set up White Rose Furniture to create cottage and garden furniture in local (East Gippsland) timbers.

Every effort is made to use recycled timber - timber that was cut for the building trade 20-30 years ago but was rejected for various reasons -shrinkage whilst drying, gum-veining, etc.

All furniture is handmade from rough-sawn boards, using traditional methods of jointing eg: mortice and tenon joints in the frames of outdoor furniture, chairs, etc - to dove tail joints in drawers, boxes, etc.

Finishes are mostly traditional with oil and wax - beeswax for indoor. Nitrocellulose industrial estapol is used for surfaces liable to get wet and outdoor furniture is finished in a minimum of 3 coats of Aussie Clear decking oil. This provides a polymerised finish, which is very easy to maintain.  (no sanding - just whack another coat on!)

The markets run by Craft Markets Australia provide White Rose Furniture with a 'shop front' on the Peninsula and around Melbourne. Delivery is free to those areas when Richard is attending Market weekends.


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