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ModBOX - Garden With Style

The ModBOX - an ingeniously simple, fully-modular raised garden bed - is the project of Marco Baretta; engineer, gardener, Italian.

It's clever, totally customisable design lets budding gardeners create beautiful, thriving above-ground gardens, bringing outdoor spaces alive and fresh, homegrown food into the family kitchen.

The ModBOX's modular segments, which slot together - almost like lego - make for a simple DIY build. Kits are ordered online and door-delivered. Boxes can be built and rebuilt to make any shape, fit any nook; they can even be packed down to shift from house to house.

Crafted from ethically sourced Cypress Pine - a timber prized for its durability - the ModBOX is no cheap fad but an investment that will last decades. Marco's passion for his work and sensitivity to the little things means quality is a prime focus - quality in the materials, in design, in service.

The ModBOX is not just a fancy bit of garden design, but a carefully engineered piece of horticultural innovation with a hundred years of family wisdom behind it.

Endlessly versatile, the ModBOX is a sustainable, simple, stylish way to breath life into our barren backyards and bring a little patch of nature back into our fast-paced lives.

Request a quote today contacting Marco on 0405 041 072 or check online on for products and pricing.

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