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  • Longhaven Orchard
  • 86 McPhersons Rd
  • Mundoona
  • 0407269692 or 5826 9473

Longhaven Orchard

Longhaven Orchard is a fine example of what's possible on a small scale. Grass roots operator growing quinces,apples,feijoas,berries, citrus varieties, and walnuts.

Due to commitment to quality I make the products in small quantities,preserves set better, have a better colour and cutting up and cooking of small amounts is a pleasant rather than a wearisome task.

Quinces sold at markets April/May pinky lady May/June.

Orchardist Maria Brown-Shepherd

Orchardist Maria Brown-Shepherd

Grower and producer of premium fresh and bottled produce. Maria Brown-Shepherd is a grass roots operator with a big world view. She is a third generation agriculturalist and active community member with a passion for the land and heritage food values. Determined to stay small. Maria is nonetheless a passionate communicator and training provider, will to share her experience and deep knowledge of fruit growing, seasonal food production and marketing.

Organic Saffron

Organic Saffron
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