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Hot Cob Corn

HOTCOB - The original delicious Sweet Corn on a skewer, introduced to the craft markets around 15 years ago where today it remains a market gourmet delight, steamed to perfection and seasoned to taste. Gluten free and vegan, we only use fresh australian cobs for our corn on a skewer to deliver the best flavour and juiciest corn for you to enjoy.

Straight out of the pot or with your choice of the following delicious toppings:melted butter, pure salt, cracked black peppercorns, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, a squeeze of lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, lemon pepper or garlic salt.

HOTCOB Corn in a Cup - juicy corn kennals, streamed to perfection and served in a cup with spoon. So easy to eat for kids and adults. Add some butter and your choice of the seasonings available for a delicious snack.  Corn in a cup is gluten free and dairy free before toppings are added.

HOTCOB Corn Fritters - are gluten free and vegan (egg and dairy free). A delicious blend of corn, potato, fresh herbs, celery and spices. Pan fried in rice bran oil and served with your choice of seasoning.

HOTCOB Vanilla Slices - with passion fruit icing.  Sheer indulgence, rich creamy filling between flakey pastry and topped with passion fruit icing. These vanilla slices may be the best you're ever tasted.

Hot Cob

Hot Cob
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