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  • Australian Wattle Woodcraft incorporating Red Barrel Designs
  • PO Box 155
  • Yinnar Vic 3869
  • 0402 459 770

Australian Wattle Woodcraft incorporating Red Barrel Designs

Australian Wattle Woodcraft was established in 1993 by Rod and Sandra Onken.

Prior to this we made one off furniture pieces. We have had many years of experience making things from wood.

We use blackwood from Tasmania and camphor laurel from northern NSW to make kitchenware items including a variety of cutting and serving boards, lazy susans and utensils. We strive to keep up to date with new trends and change our range of products accordingly.

In keeping with updating our products, we developed the "Red Barrel" range of serving and cutting boards, lazy susans and decorator items from an idea to use recycled timber - wine barrels. We are confident using recycled wine barrels, as the timber from them does not contain any chemical residue, as may be present when using recycled timber from other sources. We have now designed a range of unique products from the heads of wine barrels and the straightened staves.

Our products are made to the highest quality. We make all items in our workshop in the small Gippsland town of Yinnar and sell our products at selected retail outlets, locally and at markets.

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