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A for Attitude

If you'd like to inspire someone of any age, or assist a child to reduce anxiety and develop more self-esteem and increased life-skills, then come along to Red Hill Market and have a first hand look at this range of best-selling resilience resources.

Julie Davey, founder of A for Attitude Productions, is an author, illustrator and professional speaker - with a passion for encouraging people to realise their true potential.

As a nurse, she witnessed the power of attitude and how it affects both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Her interest in the mind-body connection lead to A for Attitude being self-published in 1998 and subsequently reprinted by Random House in 1999.

Since then, the A for Attitude range has grown in both scope and territory. More books have come into being, and are distributed throughout Australasia. In 2012 four were translated into Korean.

Her ultimate vision is for the A for Attitude book to be given each year, to every eight year old child in Australia. Several Rotary Clubs are helping to bring this dream to life. If you can help, please contact our office, or speak to Julie at Red Hill.

Workshops for Parents & Teachers

Workshops for Parents & Teachers

Julie conducts presentations and workshops to parents and teachers, to assist them in helping the children in their lives to be the best they can be, plus she is available to coach or mentor any grown-ups. You'll find the full range of resources at Red Hill Market and also on the website.

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