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Craft Markets Australia Stalhholder Application

Come and join the Craft Markets Australia family! We're always looking for creatives, growers and makers to join one of our ten (and counting!) locations and add their unique flair to our mix. Our markets provide stallholders with an opportunity to showcase their talents and get directly in front of their target customers, to meet and understand them and build a loyal following. It's also the perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded creatives and develop lasting friendships in the maker, grower and producer community - just ask one of our many long-term stallholders!

We now run ten seasonal markets in locations throughout Victoria and we welcome applications from stallholders wanting to attend any of the markets listed on our website. We allocate July/August/September markets before considering pre-Christmas dates (October, November and December).

We try to ensure there is a variety of items on display at all times. We receive numerous applications for our markets, and to ensure the best experience for our customers it is necessary to limit the numbers of products available. Therefore, please understand that while you are always welcome to apply, we can only accept a limited number of certain products, such as jewellery, soy candles and some types of takeaway food.

Availability at our sites is limited; acceptance and non-acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of Craft Markets Australia Pty Ltd management and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting the approved product criteria, quality, product distribution, diversity (market mix) and availability.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!


For 44 years, our slogan has been "make it, bake it, grow it, breed it". This has ensured our markets are unique and at the top of their field as iconic regional attractions; we have a point of difference that keeps our customers coming back.

It has also guided our stallholders in their applications to sell at our markets. All products offered for sale at our markets must be made, baked, bred or grown by the applicant. Therefore, certain products will not be accepted beneath our marquees. This means that products that are clearly imported or made overseas, purchased from a wholesaler or are deemed inappropriate (for example, discriminatory or offensive) by management will not be considered. We also do not accept commercial, design only products that are not made by the applicant, or second-hand goods.

We can't wait to see what you can make, bake, grow and create!

View Craft Markets Australia Rules and Regulations here.

General Information

FEE SCHEDULE 2019-20 - Effective 1st July 2019



* Food vendors requiring bigger than standard sites, contact CMA for pricing.

*Any market operating on a public holiday will attract additional fees.


SITE Definitions

Standard - includes but not limited to craft, plants, jewellery, clothing, skincare, art, fashion, pets, homewares, photography, wood/iron work, sewing, pottery, outdoor/indoor furniture, toys

Packaged (and/or) Consumables - includes all food/drink products that are consumables e.g. cooked, raw, pre packaged alcohol, fresh produce

Beverages Takeaway -includes all drinks/ice cream items sold for takeaway consumption on market day

Foods Take away -includes all foods sold for take away consumption on market day from a standard sized food site.


All fees include $20 million Public Liability policy with Lloyds of London insurance ($1000 deductible applies).

View detailed Public Liability Policy PDF here

Stalls & Sites

• Stalls and market sites are allocated at the management's discretion.

• We do not supply tents/tables however CMA have hire tents/tables.

• Outside sites vary but are generally 3.2m x 9m which allow for a tent and car.

• Undercover sites are very popular therefore limited in availability. There are no undercover sites available at Portsea and Flemington Markets. Undercover sites vary but are generally 2.4m x 2.4m


• Applicants who wish to apply for food/beverages will need to comply with all relevant food and food handling regulations and standards pertaining to local government including Steatrader registration and must supply a copy of their registered kitchen certificate. We suggest that applicants contact the local shire of the market/s they are applying for to find out about temporary food premises registration and fees. 


Your Application will not be processed until we receive photos of your work. Please email photo images as attachments to: We accept images formatted as JPEG or PDF.

Alternativley you can post copies of images to 10A Satu Way, Mornington 3931 Vic, make a note of this in the other comments section of the online form. Include your name and address in the package.

Please note: photos are kept on file and not returned.

For your application to be processed quickly and smoothly, it is important to supply CMA with as much information as possible. Be sure to fill in all relevant fields in the online application form before you submit it.

All applicants should received an automated receipt email reply that the application was successfully sent to CMA. If this is not received, then the application has not been received by CMA.

  • If you have photos or PDF's of your products on hand, click the browse buttons below and upload them now. Please note that the total size of all files uploaded cannot exceed 4MB.
  • Click here to open the Craft Markets Rules & Regulations in a new window, and then print a copy of the Rules & Regulations. If you agree to all the Rules & Regulations, please sign them by typing your full name into the box below, exactly as written above, then click the I Agree/Submit button in which case your Application will be submitted. If you do not agree to the Rules & Regulations in their entirety without modification, please close this window to cancel your application.

Please note that Craft Markets Australia Pty Ltd ("the licensor") is not bound to accept any Application. The trader acknowledges and accepts that by submitting this Application, it does not constitute any agreement between the licensor and the trader and any acceptance of this Application will be at the absolute discretion of the licensor. The trader further acknowledges and accepts that by submitting this Application, a letter will be sent to the trader with respect to the success of this Application and no further correspondence will be entered into between the licensor and the trader if this Application is unsuccessful. The trader also acknowledges and accepts that by submitting this Application, no reasons will be provided by the licensor to the trader to explain the grounds on which this Application may be unsuccessful.

The trader acknowledges and accepts in submitting this Application, that the licensor may alter any rule or regulation of the Craft Markets Rules & Regulations, or make additional rules and regulations, from time to time, by posting a notice that there is a change to the Craft Markets Rules & Regulations on this website. Any further use of this website, or correspondence sent from the licensor to the trader with respect to the amended rules and regulations, after the date of such notice is deemend acceptance of the new Craft Market Rules & Regulations.

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