Craft Markets Australia - Market Calendar 2019 - 2020

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Red Hill


Yarra Glen




Lardner Park




Hanging Rock






Mt Martha


Melway Ref 190 J3 269 H12 146 A4 X912 U8 156 C2 609 G9 156 J9 77 G11 145 D11
Day Saturday Sunday Sunday Saturday Sat / Sun Sat / Sun Saturday Sunday Sunday
Time 8am-1pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm 9am-2pm
June x 2 9 x x x 22 x x
July x x X 20 x x 20 x x
August x x 11 x x x 24 18 x
September 7 1 8 14 29 x 21 x 22
October 5 6 13 x x 26 x 20 27
November 2 3 10 18 17 x x x 24
December 7 1 8 x x x x 15 22
2019 Twilights x Dec - 13 Nov 16 & Dec 14 23 x x x x x
January 4 x 12 x 19 x x x x
February 1 2 9 x x x x x x
March x 1 8 x 7 14 x x 24
April 4 5 19 x 11 x x x 28
May 2 3 10 x x x x x 26
June x 7 14 x x x x x x


X Market not operating

IMPORTANT UPDATE - The Red Hill Market will NOT be operating on the first Saturday of the Month in March 2020 only, due to another event being granted our date by the MPSC council.  We are extremely disappoinetd with this decision however we are now planning to operate an additional Portsea Market on this day to accomodate our patrons and stallholders. Please watch our Portsea page for any updates.

The Red Hill Market will return to our regular first saturday of the month for the April and May markets 2020.


T Twilight Market - Mornington 16th Nov Sat (3-8pm)

T Twilight Market - Lardner Park 23rd Nov Sat (3pm -8pm)

T Twilight Market - Yarra Glen 13th Dec Fri (4-9pm)

T Twilight Market - Mornington 14th Dec Sat (3pm - 8pm)

For the comfort of all patrons, dogs are prohibited in the markets.

Occasionally, market dates may change because of factors beyond the control of Craft Markets Australia, please check website prior to attending market.

Operating Addresses

Lady Paella

Red Hill Community Market
Arthur's Seat Road, Red Hill
(Melway 190 J3)

Hanging Rock
South Rock Road, Woodend Victoria
(Melway 609 G9)

Yarra Glen Racecourse, Armstrong Grove, Yarra Glen Vic (Melway 269 H12)

Pink Piggy for Kids Charity

Mornington Racecourse Market
Racecourse Rd, Mornington
(Melway 146 A4)

Flemington Racecourse Market
Flemington Racecourse, Epsom Rd
Flemington (Melway 42 F1)

A Day Out at
Lardner Park Market
Burnt-Store Road, Drouin
(Melway X912 U8)

Point Nepean Portsea Market located at the Quarantine Station Point Nepean National Park, End of Point Nepean Road, Portsea (Melway 156 C2)

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